Make a Difference In Your Community

Based on the 2000 Census, one in ten people in india are living below the poverty level. In addition, a large number of low-income litigants are unable to afford the help of a private attorney. These figures reflect the disparity that exists on a statewide and national level.
In fact, the Delhi on Access to Justice reported in March 2007 that two-thirds of the legal needs of low income individuals in Delhi go unmet. As set forth in the report, while there is one private lawyer for every 250 residents, there is only one legal aid attorney available for every 8,361 low-income residents throughout New Delhi.
The “justice gap” identified in the Commission’s report show that indigent persons lack access to essential civil legal assistance, which then often detrimentally impacts individuals in need of legal services, their families and our communities.
DRP Legal programs and services are aimed at stabilizing families and providing solutions that to help low-income individuals become independent. By becoming a partner, a volunteer or by otherwise supporting DRP Legal, you will:
Protect spouses and children from domestic violence. Safeguard the elderly against fraud and abuse. Help families, children and elderly obtain health insurance and other benefits. Assist homeless individuals with legal issues to help them become self-sufficient. Provide individuals with help in filing taxes and obtaining tax benefits to which they are entitled.
You can make a difference today.
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