What We Do

DRP Legal provide free and low-cost civil legal services to low-income families, individuals and senior citizens in India. We operate under a three-tier service delivery model:1) Evaluation, counsel and advice2) Clinics and workshops and other self-help services 3) Direct representation By proving services under this model, our staff can bring the widest range of assistance to the greatest number of eligible applicants. This allows our staff to focus on our organizational priorities and do the most that we can to fulfill our role in the community at large. In addition to providing legal services under this model, DRP Legal participate in a variety of professional affiliations, technology project developments, and efforts to engage our legal and client communities. Learn more about our in-house services and other work by browsing the links below: Counsel and Advice Clinics, Workshops and Self-Help Services Direct Representation Practice Areas Special Programs Affiliated Programs Private Attorney Involvement Community Outreach Special Programs